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Meeting with Hospital Went Well. Kari has Ear Infection.

For those who remember the fiasco in the emergency room two weeks ago, and the fallout to Protective Services, the follow-up meeting was held this morning. I met with the Medical Director and Nursing Director, with the assistance of the … Continue reading

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Unfounded! Thanks for Clearing that Up.

The first thing I need to make clear is I really have no problem with Adult Protective Services. They were called by the hospital and had to follow through. The doctor’s concerns were unfounded. Really? Who would have guessed. Still, I’ll just … Continue reading

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General Update

Every once in a while, I marvel at how many balls can be kept in the air at one time. Sue is feeling overwhelmed, and I can’t blame her. I see her stress. She fights migraines and tension headaches almost … Continue reading

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Letter to Medical Director

I was hoping for feedback on the letter I intend to hand deliver to the Medical Director.  Thanks Paula for putting this together!

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Left Forearm Broken. E.R. Doctor Angers Me.

Yesterday afternoon while I was stretching/ranging Ryan I heard a loud snap as I was working on his left arm. Ryan’s pulse shot up immediately (I keep his vitals in real time when exercising). I knew it couldn’t be good. … Continue reading

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Ryan Returns to ICU:Respiratory Distress

I’m sad to report that Ryan was rushed by paramedics to the emergency room earlier this afternoon.  He began developing a high fever, that topped around 106.8 degrees.  His breathing became labored and shallow, with trouble holding his oxygen saturation.  He … Continue reading

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