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Dr. Hinkle: “Eyes are Best I’ve Ever Seen Them”

Dr. Hinkle Earlier today, Dr. Hinkle (Ryan’s eye doctor) came to the house to check on Ryan’s eyes. He was here early last week and observed significant improvement in both eyes. He told me he was heading to a professional … Continue reading

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Eyes Improved: Constant Battle

I am going to put out two posts today. One good, to follow. One not so much. I’ll start with the positive, since I am still gathering information on the other. The insurance company is off-the-hook. They are not to … Continue reading

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Family Reunited. Ryan Closes Eyes Again.

Girls Home Safely Sue and Kari made it home, safe and sound, last night. What a relief! Sue told me it was a rough trip. They were in rain and fog for a significant portion. Everyone was exhausted. Sue and … Continue reading

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Left Eye Slightly Improved. Right Eye has New Abrasion.

Ryan’s optometrist, Dr. Hinkle, came by the house today to give Ryan’s eyes an exam. It’s been just roughly two weeks since the last time he stopped in. The clinical examination was his left eye is at least the same, … Continue reading

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Dr. Hinkle Examines Eyes.

Some people are pure good. Through and through. Such is the case with Ryan’s eye doctor, Dr. Hinkle (of Vision Source). He was at my house shortly after the sun came up to take a look at Ryan. He brought … Continue reading

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Eyes Appear to be Improving. Urine Test In.

Dr. Hinkle stopped in to take a look at Ryan’s eyes this afternoon. Although it can not be conclusive, given the home environment of the examination, he feels Ryan’s eyes are improving somewhat. 

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Baclofen Pump Recalled.

Glad to have yesterday behind. A bad day went to worse late in the evening. Recall, the first slap in the face was learning Ryan’s eyes are not improving. Without time to process this, another slap to the face. His … Continue reading

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Arm and Eyes Not Healing

I took Ryan out today for some follow-up exams. Our first stop was at the Eye Doctor, followed by a trip across the street to the Imaging Center. Neither results were good.

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It was a Better Day. Eyes Close Completely.

Yesterday went off without a hitch. No high fevers. No quivering in pain. Just a calm day. I was so happy for Ryan. Ryan’s eyes opened last July for the first time since the beating. This was an exciting development … Continue reading

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The Eyes have it.

What can I say? Our family is surrounded by a caring and generous local medical team of doctors and nurses. Just like our physician, Dr. Rodriguez, and our orthodontist, Dr. Wiger, we also have an outstanding optometrist (eye doctor) caring … Continue reading

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