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Video: Executing a Transfer

Well. I made my first “real” video this morning. Nothing flashy. However, I did manage to put a title at the beginning and credits at the end. I’m sure I’ll get better a this, but time constraints today didn’t allow … Continue reading

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General Update

Every once in a while, I marvel at how many balls can be kept in the air at one time. Sue is feeling overwhelmed, and I can’t blame her. I see her stress. She fights migraines and tension headaches almost … Continue reading

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

Since the Tuesday prior to Thanksgiving, Ryan is undergoing “Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments”, commonly called by its acronym “HBOT”.  Twice each day he spends 90 minutes in the chamber.  This therapy does two primary functions: 1) Delivers a high percentage of … Continue reading

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