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Odds and Ends

Ryan Continues to Become More Flexible I am by just how much Ryan’s flexibility is improving. Some days I notice this more than others. Yesterday was just such a day. I dedicated the day to ranging his fingers and toes. … Continue reading

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Kari Home Safely. IBRF Call Held. BWF Event Tomorrow.

Kari In her typical manner, Kari exploded through the front door yesterday evening. It like feeling the bomb percussion waves just before being incinerated. What an aura! The dogs went into a frenzy. Duke was literally bouncing off the walls. … Continue reading

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Kari Coming Home! IBRF Call this Morning.

A Pleasant Surprise We knew Kari was coming home this weekend. I’m beside myself with anticipation. In fact, I was dreaming about it last night. But, the good news is she’ll be home a day earlier than expected… TODAY! Thank … Continue reading

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IBRF Conference Call Tomorrow

Preparing for IBRF Conference Call It’s crazy. So many balls in the air (and some are not even blue). It takes us hours just to prepare for a conference call with the doctors at IBRF. Both their time and ours … Continue reading

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Scary Good

Sue’s Delivery of News Needs Work Yesterday afternoon, I get a call from Sue… but am not able to answer. She immediately calls back and I can’t get to it. She calls a third time. Now I’m scared. She, obviously, … Continue reading

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17 Months. IBRF Visiting.

Anniversary of Beating Today marks the 17th month since Ryan’s senseless attack. I will live in the moment. Enough said…

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Infrared Helmet Shipped.

Helmet shipped at 2:00 AM Yesterday we learned, via email (see bottom of page[1]), that Ryan’s Infrared Helmet had shipped from Florida. With any luck, we might have it as early as Friday. More likely it will arrive early next … Continue reading

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IBRF to Visit Thursday

Doctors Arriving in Afternoon The medical team from IBRF is coming to our home later this week to perform their periodic assessment on Ryan. I expect it to be much like the prior ones, where they run a qEEG, BIS … Continue reading

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Kari Coming Home!

Kari At this very instance, Kari should be in transit from WVU to our home. If she left when planned (8:00 AM), she will be just under halfway.

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Glad to have Yesterday Behind

Hopkins Oh, yes! Done! Yesterday is just that… yesterday. One thing about me is I loathe medical appointments. Even more now, that they are a huge part of our lives. I’ve been known to get a bit cranky when the … Continue reading

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