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ICU: Day 13.

Yesterday was uneventful. This is a good thing. A very good thing, indeed! Unless something was overlooked it appears Ryan will be returning home later today. Two weeks of ICU is exhausting. Advertisements

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ICU: Day 12. Good Riddance 2010.

Our family wishes (nearly) everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR! As of now, we are still looking at Sunday for discharge.  Although Ryan’s care is amazing and the people at Loudoun Hospital treat us great, we are excited to get home.

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ICU: Day 11. Sunday Discharge Expected.

Yesterday was clearly Ryan’s best day in weeks. Sue watched him while I did my best to catch up on sleep in the recliner in his room.

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Ryan remains on contact isolation for the Pseudomonas bacteria. From a respiratory perspective, he had a very good day. His lungs are sounding clearer each day and he is maintaining 100% oxygen saturation nearly all the time.

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ICU: Day 9. Culture Shows Another Bacteria

The sputum sample collected during the bronchoscopy on Thursday returned the presence of another bacteria, pseudomonas. Ryan’s is now in considered on contact precaution/isolation because of the potential seriousness of this bacteria.

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ICU: Day 8. Removed from Oxygen

Ryan is completely off supplemental oxygen.  He was taken off around noon yesterday. He has maintained superb oxygen saturation on his own, mostly pegged on 100% utilization. All labs came back well too. White blood count at 5.7K. All other results, … Continue reading

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ICU: Day 7. Extubated!

Ryan was extubated early yesterday afternoon. It’s great to see that tube out of his month and no longer being attached to a ventilator.

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ICU: Day 6

The doctor performed the bronchoscopy last night around 8:00PM. It was done bedside, so we had the opportunity to see Ryan’s lungs in real time. Both lungs were clear and healthy looking. The only mucus accumulation was at the bottom … Continue reading

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ICU: Day 5

We hope that all those who have not been naughty this year found what they wanted under the tree. Ryan had a restful night. He was placed on a continuous IV infusion of propofol (the “Michael Jackson” drug) to sedate him … Continue reading

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ICU: DAY 4. ICU Stay Extended

The sputum (throat mucus) cultures have grown out. Ryan grew a bacteria called “serratia marcescens”. This is an opportunistic bacteria that develops secondarily. It will be treated with an antibiotic called “ceftazidime”. The treatment is to administer the ceftazidime antibiotic … Continue reading

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