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Insurance Limbo. Medicaid Approves More Hours.

There is just so, so much more to Ryan’s brain injury than caring for him. The paperwork is endless. Legal issues and research, aside from the worthless thugs that caused this, are something that most readers might not think. For … Continue reading

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Austin Issac Vantrease Transferred. Jonathan Matthew May Stays.

Vantrease to PHRJ Convicted felon, Austin Issac Vantrease, was recently transfered from the North Central Regional Jail to the Potomac Highland’s Regional Jail.

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16 Months

Damn. Here it is, the 7th again. Another month passes. It is now sixteen months since Ryan was senselessly beaten, changing his existence forever. May sucker punched him and Vantrease kicked him in the head as he lay unconscious and … Continue reading

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In just one month, to the day, this site had another 100,000 views! I’m in awe. I really am. So, today, readership has reached 200,000. Thank you, everyone, for coming back time-after-time. I’m so happy you see enough value here … Continue reading

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The “Wife’s” Turn…

Well… my dear “hubby” made the mistake of taking a nap today and while I may not have Ken’s self-proclaimed humor gene or quick wit, I do know how to get around on a computer. And where he is ingenious … Continue reading

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15 Months

“All aboard for the 7-train. This is the final boarding call. Please stow away all hope in the overhead compartment. This is a one-way, non-stop express train to Despair”. Exactly one month ago, I wrote about how the 7th of … Continue reading

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