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Video: Nutrition

I decided to shoot a quick video (5 minutes) on one of the recipes I use for Ryan’s blenderized food. I mix up the ingredients with each batch, but essentially arrive at the same nutritional values. Advertisements

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Kari Coming Home!

Kari At this very instance, Kari should be in transit from WVU to our home. If she left when planned (8:00 AM), she will be just under halfway.

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Splint Comes Off

It’s March 1st, which means Ryan can get the splint off his left arm. I removed it — hopefully, for good — this morning. I’m not convinced though. Even though the Orthopedic feels it is healing and the splint is … Continue reading

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Urine is Clean Again. 3T-MRI Being Worked.

Ryan’s urine visually appears clear. It has for around 24 hours now. I decided to keep Ryan in bed for the day yesterday. This is the first time since July (I believe) that we haven’t had him up. Anyhow, a … Continue reading

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G-Tube Comes Out.

Ryan receives all his hydration and nutrition through a gastric feeding tube, commonly called a g-tube. It is merely a tube inserted through a small abdomen incision into the stomach. Once the tube is in the stomach, a bubble is inflated with … Continue reading

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Nutrition Update: Super Foods!

I thought it might be about time to provide another update on Ryan’s Nutrition. In a previous post, I mentioned we are switching Ryan over to a new canned formula called Impact 1.5. This is going well.

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Superbowl Sunday

It’s difficult to grasp. By tomorrow, Ryan will miss his second Superbowl. Sure, we’ll have the game on and I know who Ryan would be rooting for (or, more accurately, rooting against), but it’s just not the same. I’ll be … Continue reading

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Nutrition Update.

Last Thursday, January 20th, I met with a Nutritionist to discuss Ryan’s needs and how to meet them.  The first thing we agreed on was to provided him a more nutrient dense canned tube feed. He will be using a … Continue reading

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General Update

Every once in a while, I marvel at how many balls can be kept in the air at one time. Sue is feeling overwhelmed, and I can’t blame her. I see her stress. She fights migraines and tension headaches almost … Continue reading

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Real Food Tried Again

Before Ryan’s ICU stay over Christmas, we started introducing him to “real” food.  We were only two days into it when he was taken to the emergency room.

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