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Odds and Ends

Ryan Continues to Become More Flexible I am by just how much Ryan’s flexibility is improving. Some days I notice this more than others. Yesterday was just such a day. I dedicated the day to ranging his fingers and toes. … Continue reading

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Urine Culture Negative

The urine culture came back negative. This is positive. Nothing grew out. In one way this is good news. In another, it now makes me wonder what caused the blood in the urine even more. If not a UTI, then … Continue reading

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Blood Returns in Urine. Nurse Calls Out. Ryan Gets Hair Cut.

Ryan is again producing blood in his urine. We still are looking into the cause. Sue took a urine sample to Dr. Rodriguez yesterday, but these take three days to completely culture, if I remember correctly. Although, we could get … Continue reading

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Large Amount of Blood in Urine

I began to notice some change in Ryan’s urine yesterday morning. It seemed darker than usual. I wasn’t too concerned, thinking he might just be passing excess vitamins in the urine. Still, it was different and required monitoring.

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Ulna has “Non-Union”

The forearm consists of two bones; the ulna and the radius. In the x-Ray of Ryan’s forearm (below), the ulna (on the left) is the bone that is completely separated. The radius is the bone that appears as though it … Continue reading

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G-Tube Comes Out.

Ryan receives all his hydration and nutrition through a gastric feeding tube, commonly called a g-tube. It is merely a tube inserted through a small abdomen incision into the stomach. Once the tube is in the stomach, a bubble is inflated with … Continue reading

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Dr. Rodriguez: “Best I’ve Seen Him”.

There are few people I respect as much as Dr. Rodriguez. Dr. Hinkle and Dr. Wiger are two. Dr. “Mindy” at Loudoun ICU certainly ranks up there. My father, another. Ryan, of course. All are brilliant men and superb individuals. Genuine, … Continue reading

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Arm and Eyes Not Healing

I took Ryan out today for some follow-up exams. Our first stop was at the Eye Doctor, followed by a trip across the street to the Imaging Center. Neither results were good.

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The Eyes have it.

What can I say? Our family is surrounded by a caring and generous local medical team of doctors and nurses. Just like our physician, Dr. Rodriguez, and our orthodontist, Dr. Wiger, we also have an outstanding optometrist (eye doctor) caring … Continue reading

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Ryan Gets Pampered All Weekend. Dr. Rodriguez Says Ryan is Healthy.

By the photo below, one can clearly see Ryan was getting plenty of attention this weekend. Sue was sending me pictures all weekend. Ryan & her on the mat. Ryan and her on the couch. Ryan and her in the … Continue reading

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