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Vitals Solid. Kari at WVU Safely.

Ryan’s Vitals are Solid It seems I always jinx myself, but I’m so happy that Ryan’s vital signs are staying consistently “normal”. In fact, his body temperature has been hovering around 98.6 degrees for some time now. As you might … Continue reading

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Another Bad Morning.

I’m sorry for not getting a post out on the information presented on the IBRF call yesterday. Truth is, I’m still trying to process it and put it into terms I can understand. I really hope to have this accomplished … Continue reading

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Ryan’s Temperature Spikes. Returns to Normal.

Out of nowhere, Ryan became extremely agitated. Well, not exactly “out of nowhere”, as he had a restless night. His temperature overnight moved around a lot, but never exceeded 101.0 degrees. He seemed to have calmed after he was dressed … Continue reading

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Body Temperature Plummets

It’s been several months since the last event, but Ryan’s core body temperature dropped unexpectedly yesterday evening.  So low, in fact, that digital thermometers were not registering.  Ryan’s pulse was in the mid-40’s. We situated  him next to the fireplace … Continue reading

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