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Kari Home Safely. IBRF Call Held. BWF Event Tomorrow.

Kari In her typical manner, Kari exploded through the front door yesterday evening. It like feeling the bomb percussion waves just before being incinerated. What an aura! The dogs went into a frenzy. Duke was literally bouncing off the walls. … Continue reading

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Sometimes I Amaze Myself!

That’s right! I sometimes amaze myself. And, by “sometimes” what I mean is “oftentimes”. Some might even go so far as to call me a problem solver (isn’t that right, Sue? You’ll never hear the end of it…). You see, … Continue reading

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Capital Home Health Care Employee Admits Wrong Doing and Company Pressure

The Text the Explains Much On Monday, April 4 at 10:31 PM, I was surprised to receive a text message from an employee of Capital Home Health Care (CHHC). You will remember how CHHC unceremoniously “discharged” Ryan from receiving their … Continue reading

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Infrared Helmet Shipped.

Helmet shipped at 2:00 AM Yesterday we learned, via email (see bottom of page[1]), that Ryan’s Infrared Helmet had shipped from Florida. With any luck, we might have it as early as Friday. More likely it will arrive early next … Continue reading

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Video: Oral Care and Deep Suctioning

I tried everything to not deep suction. Sometimes, there’s just no getting around it. It had immediate payoff, as his oxygen saturation is above 98% again.

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Deep Suctioning Imminent

Lungs Sound Coarse I do my best to avoid having to deep suction Ryan. He hates it. I do too. But, I fear it is unavoidable today. His oxygen saturation has been slowly declining over the past few days and … Continue reading

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Mean People Suck!

Going back many years, I always wanted to get the bumper sticker “Mean People Suck”. Ryan and Kari loved it too, but Sue was adamantly opposed. She felt it was too “in your face”. I remember her telling us we … Continue reading

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Therapy Cuts Therapy Visits.

Therapeutic Visits Reduced by a Third: Insurance not to Blame! Someone has some ‘splaining to do. Let me fill you in… Yesterday afternoon I received a text message from one of the Therapist indicating that insurance only approved two visits … Continue reading

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Insurance Limbo. Medicaid Approves More Hours.

There is just so, so much more to Ryan’s brain injury than caring for him. The paperwork is endless. Legal issues and research, aside from the worthless thugs that caused this, are something that most readers might not think. For … Continue reading

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Deep Suctioned

I put it off for as long as I could.  As long as I felt it was safe, to be more accurate. I was hoping Ryan would produce a strong cough to clear his respiratory system. It didn’t happen.

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