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Urine Culture Negative

The urine culture came back negative. This is positive. Nothing grew out. In one way this is good news. In another, it now makes me wonder what caused the blood in the urine even more. If not a UTI, then … Continue reading

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Eyes Appear to be Improving. Urine Test In.

Dr. Hinkle stopped in to take a look at Ryan’s eyes this afternoon. Although it can not be conclusive, given the home environment of the examination, he feels Ryan’s eyes are improving somewhat. 

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Splint Comes Off

It’s March 1st, which means Ryan can get the splint off his left arm. I removed it — hopefully, for good — this morning. I’m not convinced though. Even though the Orthopedic feels it is healing and the splint is … Continue reading

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Urine is Clean Again. 3T-MRI Being Worked.

Ryan’s urine visually appears clear. It has for around 24 hours now. I decided to keep Ryan in bed for the day yesterday. This is the first time since July (I believe) that we haven’t had him up. Anyhow, a … Continue reading

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Blood Returns in Urine. Nurse Calls Out. Ryan Gets Hair Cut.

Ryan is again producing blood in his urine. We still are looking into the cause. Sue took a urine sample to Dr. Rodriguez yesterday, but these take three days to completely culture, if I remember correctly. Although, we could get … Continue reading

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Large Amount of Blood in Urine

I began to notice some change in Ryan’s urine yesterday morning. It seemed darker than usual. I wasn’t too concerned, thinking he might just be passing excess vitamins in the urine. Still, it was different and required monitoring.

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